How to Make Sushi Rolls | Chakin Sushi Rolls

This video teaches you how to make chakin sushi at home.
Here is my recipe.

– Sliced cucumber(4 or 5)
– Sliced kiwi(2 or 3)
– Sliced red radish(2 or 3)
– Chopped green onion
– Sliced tuna(2 or 3)
– Sliced salmon(2 or 3)
– Boiled shrimp(2 or 3)
– Masago(Capelin roe)
– Tobiko(Flying fish roe)
– Crushed crab meat
– Sushi rice
– Unagi sauce
– White sauce

* White Sauce Recipe
– Mayonnaise 100g
– White wine 10cc
– Whipping cream 40g
– Maple syrup 30g

Thank you for watching,

Chef Denis Lim


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