Spicy Tuna & Masago Sushi Roll | Spicy Mayo Sauce Sushi Roll

This video teaches you how to make spicy tuna and masago roll at home.
Here is my recipe.

– Sliced avocado(2 or 3)
– Sliced cucumber(8 or 9)
– Chopped tuna
– Sliced salmon(8 or 9)
– Chopped green onion
– Masago(capelin roe)
– Crushed crab meat
– Seaweed paper(1/2 a sheet)
– Roasted black sesame seeds
– Sushi rice
– Wasabi
– Pickled ginger
– Unagi sauce(Eel Teri sauce)
– Spicy mayo sauce
– Korean spicy sauce

Thank you for watching,

Chef Denis Lim


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